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Lunar One

Lunar One by Daniel de Lill

A dystopian adventure about a young woman's quest to unlock the ghastly secrets behind life on her lunar home.

Lunar Two - Coming Soon!


Lunar Two is in shambles and tension between the pagodas has never been higher. Now in hiding and pregnant, Amia must find a way to reignite the underground and bring down the pagoda council. But first she has to rescue Kint from Giza. In her endeavors, she finds that it's not just the council that she should fear. What are the true objectives of the Lunar Two underground? Can Amia trust her own family and friends, or is she truly on her own in the struggle for freedom?

Cooking Chemist's Lab Manual - Coming Soon!


When a chemistry professor writes a vegan cookbook... Experiments in plant-based gastronomy.

A introduction to veganism and basic vegan nutrition followed by 75 delicious and easy plant-based recipes.   

The Science of Writing Fiction

The Science of Writing Fiction by Daniel de Lill

You want to write a novel, so let's cut right to the chase. There's no need to spend weeks learning how to write good fiction when you can learn the basic steps in less than an hour with this handy guide.

The Science of Revising Fiction - Coming Soon!


The follow up to The Science of Writing Fiction in which the fundamentals learned therein are expanded upon to produce an outstanding revised edition of your story.

Experiments in Inorganic Chemistry


A custom designed laboratory course for Inorganic Chemistry at FAU (CHML 3609).